Khîm was a Petty-dwarf, was the son of Mîm and brother of Ibûn.

Biography Edit

He, his father, and his brother Ibûn were the last of the Petty-dwarves in Middle-earth. He was struck by an arrow fired by a member of Túrin's outlaw band when he and his family were set upon near their home at Amon Rûdh. Khîm escaped the attack but died of his wounds at Amon Rûdh before his father returned with Túrin and his men. Túrin promised to pay Mîm a ransom to atone for Khîm's death, and this was in part the source of Amon Rûdh's other name, the House of Ransom. Mîm cursed Khîm's killer, Andróg, forcing Andróg to break his bow.[1]

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References Edit

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