J. E. A. Tyler, (James Edward Anthony Tyler, or for short Tony Tyler) (b. October 1943, in Bristol, England, UK - d. October 28, 2006 in Hastings, England) was an English writer. He was the author of The Tolkien Companion in 1976 which was updated to The Complete Tolkien Companion.

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James was a police cadet, but quit when he was told that his stammer was so extreme he would never be able to give evidence in court. Then he got a job writing for a Merseyside paper. Back in London he became a publicist for EG management. He was brought into the NME in 1972 by editor Alan Smith, he was described as "inspirational" by his colleagues at the time. Some of his works include, The Beatles: An Illustrated Record.

He was married twice, and died of cancer.

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