The fabled Doors of Durin, outside Moria, laced with enchanted Ithildin

Ithildin was a type of specially crafted Mithril that only the most experienced craftsmen of the Noldor could learn how to make and pass on to others.


It was made out of extremely refined Mithril, which was thinned out to the point of being a sort of lining for which things could be laced with. It was so thin that it could be used by inscribers to write special runes, known as moon-letters, such as those on Thorin Oakenshield's map. It was enchanted so that it only appeared in moonlight or starlight, and could be enchanted further so that it would never appear except on a specific phase of the moon on a specific night, or only when certain words were uttered in its presence. It was used also on the Doors of Durin during their construction in the Second Age.[1]

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic ايثيلدين
Bulgarian Cyrillic Итилдин
German Ithildim
Gujarati ઇથિલ્ડિન
Hindi ईथिल्दिन
Kannada ಇಥೈಲ್ಡಿನ್
Kazakh Ітілдін (Cyrillic) Itildin (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Итилдин
Macedonian Cyrillic Итилдин
Marathi इथिल्डिन
Nepalese ईथिल्दिन
Russian Итильдин
Ukrainian Cyrillic Ітілдін


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