Isengrim Took II was a Hobbit of the Shire and the twenty-second Thain of the Shire.


Isengrim was the first to begin major work on the Great Smials in the Green-hill country where the Tooks lived and where the Thains were seated. He became Thain in TA 2683 (SR 1083). The Shire Reckoning was invented during his time. He died in TA 2722 (SR 1122) and the Thainship was passed to his son Isumbras Took III.[1][2]

Thain of the Shire
Preceded by
Unknown, eventually Isumbras Took I
Isengrim Took II Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Isumbras Took III
TA 2683 - TA 2722


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