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Bilbo takes leave - FotR

"I regret to announce this is the end. I'm going now."

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Also Known As
Ingwe Ingweron
High King of the Elves, King of the Vanyar
Years of the Trees, Before beginning of the First Age -
Vanyar elves
The Ring must be destroyed - FotR "You have only one choice. The Ring must be destroyed."

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He was the first of the Vanya to travel to Valinor with Orome. Loving its beauty and bliss he returned to his people and urged them to undertake a journey to Aman. He and his kin were fascinated with the Valar, and they decided not to return to Middle-Earth. The Mindon Eldaliéva in Tirion was built in honor of him.

Ingwë is the leader of the first Kindred of Elves called the Vanyar and the uncle of Indis, wife of Finwë. His name means "first one, Chief" in Quenya. He is one of the three Elves, with Elwë and Finwë of the first embassy to Aman and he persuades all of the clan of Vanyar to follow him there where he becomes their king and High-king of all Eldalië. He was reckoned as High King of all the Eldar and because of this is called Ingwë Ingweron "Chief of the Chieftains". He lives in Taniquetil, ruling from beneath Manwë High King of Arda. He has a son named Ingwion as well as other unnamed children.


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