"We wish for no strangers in the land at this time, unless they be mighty men of arms in whose faith and help we can trust."
The Return of The King, "Minas Tirith"

Ingold was a Man of Gondor and a soldier of the realm.

Biography Edit

Ingold in miniature

During the War of the Ring, he was the leader of the soldiers guarding the northern gate of the Rammas Echor as it was being repaired just before the start of the Siege of Gondor. He permitted Gandalf and Pippin through the gate, having recognized the wizard immediately, but he enquired after Pippin's business in Minas Tirith as Gondorians of the time did not trust foreigners and Halflings were almost completely unknown to him, aside from the one mentioned in Boromir's dream.[1]

Days after Gandalf had passed, an army out of Mordor crossed the river Anduin from the east and descended on Ingold's position. He retreated with those of his men who survived back to the city, reporting that the northern road had fallen into the hands of the enemy. This was woeful news in Minas Tirith, because it was thought to mean that the Rohirrim could not come to their aid (though in fact the Riders were able to find another route, the long-forgotten Stonewain Valley).[2]

Etymology Edit

Ingoldo was Finrod Felagund's mother-name that means "the Ñoldo" in Quenya.[3]

Other versions of the legendarium Edit

In earlier writings, Ingold was the name of Aragorn and the Elfstone.[4][5]

Translations around the World Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 印哥

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