Ilmarin was the mansion of Manwe and Varda, and was located at the peak of Taniquetil. It was a domed, marble watchtower from which Manwë and Varda could watch all of Arda.[1] Manwë's followers, the spirits that took the forms of hawks and Great Eagles often came here to deliver news.[2]

A feast was taking place in Ilmarin when Melkor came to destroy the Two Trees of Valinor.[3][4]


The name Ilmarin means "Mansion of the High Airs" in Quenya.[5] It is related to the names Ilmarë and Ilmen, according to Christopher Tolkien.[6]

In Song

In Bilbo Baggins's Song of Eärendil, Ilmarin was mentioned as the "Hill of Ilmarin", though it referred more to Taniquetil than the tower itself.[7][8]

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