Idril s secret way by wollemisiss-d7yek4y

Idril looking over the walls of the Gondolin contemplating the Secret Way, by Szilvia Szarvas

Idril's Secret Way was an escape tunnel made by Idril Celebrindal under the hidden city of Gondolin.


The Secret Way ran underneath the city possibly beginning from the house of Tuor and Idril beyond its walls and proceeded northward of the Amon Gwareth. Through the Secret Way, the last survivors of the doomed city escaped its destruction.[1][2]

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Bosnian Tajni Način Idril
Catalan La Camí Secreta d'Idril
Croatian Tajni Način Idril
Czech Tajná Cesta Idril
Danish Idrils Hemmelige Måde
Icelandic Leyndarmál leið Idril
Italian La Via Segreta di Idril
Norwegian Idrils Hemmelig Måte
Polish Tajny Sposób Idril/Tunel Idril
Slovak Tajná Cesta Idril
Slovenian Skrivni Način Idril
Spanish La Vía Secreta de Idril
Swedish Idrils Hemliga Sätt
Russian Секретный прохождение Идриль


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  2. The Atlas of Middle-earth, The First Age, The Elder Days, "Gondolin"
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