This is a concise version of the International Phonetic Alphabet for English sounds.

See International Phonetic Alphabet for English for a more complete version. Note that the parentheses indicate optionality; the IPA code does not actually contain parentheses.

IPA: English Consonants
IPA Examples
p pen, spin, tip
b but, web
t two, sting, bet
d do, odd
chair, nature, teach
gin, joy, edge
k cat, kill, skin, queen, thick
g go, get, beg
f fool, enough, leaf
v voice, have
θ thing, breath
ð this, breathe
s see, city, pass
z zoo, rose
ʃ she, sure, emotion, leash
ʒ pleasure, beige
h ham
m man, ham
n no, tin
ŋ singer, ring
l left
ɫ milk, bell (dark l)
ɹ run, very
ɾ better (AmE, AuE)
w we
j yes
ʔ kitten (many accents), bottle (Cockney)
ʍ what (some accents, such as Scottish)
x loch (Scottish)
IPA: English Vowels
IPA Examples
RP AmE AuE  
ɑː ɑ father
i see
ɪ ɪ ɪ city
ɛ ɛ e bed
ɜː ɝ ɜː bird
æ æ æ lad, cat
ɑː ɑɹ arm
ʌ ʌ (or ɐ) a run, enough
ɒ ɑ ɔ not, wasp
ɔː ɒ law, caught
ʊ ʊ ʊ put
u ʉː soon, through
ə ə ə about
ə ɚ ə winner
IPA: English Diphthongs
IPA Examples
RP AmE AuE  
e(ɪ) æɪ day
ɑe my
ɔɪ ɔɪ boy
əʊ o(ʊ) əʉ no
æɔ now
ɪə ɪə near, here
ɛə ɛɹ hair, there
ʊə ʊɹ ʊə tour
juː ju jʉː pupil
IPA: Other symbols used in transcription of English pronunciation
IPA Explanation
ˈ Primary stress (placed before the stressed syllable), for example happy /ˈhæpi/
ˌ Secondary stress, for example battleship /ˈbætl̩ˌʃɪp/
. Syllable separator
 ̩ Syllabic consonant, for example /ˈɹɪdn̩/ for ridden
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