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Húrin in The Lord of the Rings Online

Húrin (sometimes named Húrin the Tall) was a man of Gondor during the events of the War of the Ring. He lived in Minas Tirith and there he held the title of Warden of the Keys. He was also a Lord of the city and a captain of Gondor's armies. For a short while he also served as the Steward of the city when Faramir was in the Houses of Healing and Imrahil had ridden out to the Black Gate of Mordor with Aragorn and the Armies of the West.


War of the Ring

Húrin was first mentioned during the events of The Return of the King. As a captain of Gondor, he assisted Gandalf and Imrahil in directing the defence of Minas Tirith when the forces of Mordor besieged it.

Later, once Theoden and the men of Rohan had arrived, Húrin joined Imrahil, Hirluin and Forlong in riding out on horse with many other riders to aid the Rohirrim in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Although many, including Theoden, Hirluin and Forlong would fall in the battle, Húrin was amongst the survivors.

Later, when Aragorn and Imrahil led the army of the west to challenge Sauron at the Black Gate, Húrin temporarily took on the title of steward of the city as Faramir was recovering from his encounter with the Witch-King. Húrin was left with a small garrison of men from the city in order to defend it should Sauron decided to bring more Haradrim up out of the south and assult it while the other captains rode towards Mordor. Húrin was aided in his defence of the city by Elfhelm, a marshal of Rohan and some two thousand men of Rohan. Their numbers were further bolstered by a great number of men that arrived out of Gondor's southern lands, led by Angbor the Fearless, who was the Lord of Lamedon. Due to this, the city under Húrin's stewardship was better manned that it had been before the Siege of Gondor had started.

After the War

By the time the army of the west returned in victory to Minas Tirith, Faramir had returned to health and had resumed the title of steward, and Húrin was back to being the warden of the keys. Hurin went with Faramir to greet the returning army, and was one of the major witnesses to the crowing of Aragorn, the new King of Gondor. In his role as warden of the keys, it was Húrin who opened up the temporary barrier that was placed in front of the broken gate of Minas Tirith in order allow Aragorn and the rest of the army to enter the city.

Nothing else is known of Húrin after this point, though presumably he retained his position within the city after Aragorn became king.[citation needed]

Portrayal in adaptations

In The Lord of the Rings Online, before the siege of Minas Tirith begins, Húrin can be found right inside the city gates, making the final preparations for the upcoming battle. During the siege proper he fights on the walls of the First Circle alongside other Lords of Gondor. After the battle is won, he is found right outside the city gates next to Imrahil and tasks the player with quenching the remaining fires and burying those who died fighting within the First Circle. He stands behind Stewart Faramir during the coronation of King Elessar.

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