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Huor was an Adan and a hero of Men during the First Age.


Huor was a grandson of Hador, of the House of Marach or House of Hador, and lived in the Hadorian fief of Dor-lómin in Hithlum; and the son of Galdor of the House of Marach and Hareth of the Haladin, and he had an older brother Húrin.

In the year 458 of the First Age Huor and Húrin dwelt with their kin in the forest of Brethil, when they joined a war party against Orcs. The brothers ended up in the Vale of Sirion, and were cut off from their company. Chased by Orcs, the Vala Ulmo caused a mist to arise from the rivers, and the brothers escaped into Dimbar. There two Eagles picked them up, and brought them to Gondolin.

King Turgon of Gondolin welcomed the brothers, remembering Ulmo's prophecy that the House of Hador would aide Gondolin in their time of greatest need. Turgon wished them to remain as he grew to love them, but the brothers wished to return to their kin. The brothers swore an oath to keep Gondolin secret, and Eagles brought them back to Dor-lómin.

In FA 462 Morgoth assailed Hithlum, and Huor's father Galdor fell defending the Ered Wethrin.

In about FA 470, Huor wedded Rían of the House of Bëor, and conceived a son. He named the child Tuor even before birth, and had to leave his home when called to the muster of King Fingon.

During the Nirnaeth Arnoediad the following year, Huor fought alongside Húrin and the Sons of Hador. In the midst of battle he met again with Turgon, and their meeting was sweet. When the battle was lost, Húrin and Huor took a stand fighting off the Orcs, allowing Turgon to escape. Huor was finally slain by a poisoned arrow that hit him in the eye. Rían lived on until FA 473, when she died at the end of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

He is remembered by the Númenóreans as the heroic grandfather of Eärendil the Blessed.[1][2]

House of Hador

The House of Hador was previously known as the House of Marach.
Hador Lórindol


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሑኦር
Arabic هُوّرْ
Armenian Հուոր
Belarusian Cyrillic Hуор
Bengali হুওর
Bulgarian Cyrillic Хуор
Chinese (Hong Kong) 胡爾
Georgian ჰუორ
Korean 후오르
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Hуор
Gujarati હુઓર
Hebrew הואור
Hindi हुओर
Japanese フオル
Kazakh Хұор (Cyrillic) Xuor (Latin)
Korean 후오르
Macedonian Cyrillic Huor
Marathi हुआर
Mongolian Cyrillic Hуор
Nepalese हुओर
Pashto حوور
Persian حوور
Russian Хуор
Sanskrit हुओर्
Serbian Хуор (Cyrillic) Huor (Latin)
Sinhalese හුඔර්
Tajik Cyrillic Ҳуор
Tamil ஹுஒர்
Telugu హుఒర
Thai ฮูออร์
Ukrainian Cyrillic Гуор
Urdu ہواور ?
Uzbek Ҳуор (Cyrillic) Huor (Latin)
Yiddish חואָר