Narfil Palùrfalas - House-of-the-King

The House of the King was counted among the twelve Houses of the Gondolindrim, and was under the command of Turgon in Gondolin.

Description and history

The house utilized red, gold, and white as their chief colors, as well as the moon, the sun, and the scarlet heart as their emblems.

In the Fall of Gondolin in the year FA 510, the warriors of the house remained unscathed until the fighting reached the Square of the Palace. When Ecthelion defeated the Balrog Gothmog, the house became heavily involved in the following battle, slaying many orcs and balrogs. A fire-drake they killed as well in the Fountain of the King, though the act created a great cloud of steam that obscured their sight, and many perished as a result. Those that survived initially saved Turgon, though the king, and likely the rest of the house, were slain.[1]


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