The Host of Valinor, also known as the Host of the West, was a great force that crossed the Sea from Aman and defeated Morgoth in the War of Wrath, which ended the First Age.


Moved by the words of Eärendil the Mariner, the Valar agreed to come and confront Morgoth. In FA 545, They assembled a great force led by the Maia Eönwë that consisted of the Vanyar and Noldor Elves of Valinor, under Ingwion[1] and Finarfin, Manwë and presumably all the Valar, and the Teleri, who agreed only to provide and sail the ships bearing them to Beleriand, and would not fight with them. On Beleriand the host was quickly joined by the gathered Edain.

They met the forces sent by Morgoth in Anfauglith and easily defeated them, but as they approached the Gates of Angband, they were driven back by the great winged Dragons led by Ancalagon The Black. Eärendil came forth, and was joined by the Eagles led by Thorondor; they reinforced the Host of the Valar and defeated the forces of Morgoth. Ancalagon himself was slain. Finally, the host routed all the remaining forces of the pits of Angband and captured Morgoth, effectively ending his reign in Middle-earth.

This Host was prophesied to assemble once more for the Dagor Dagorath at the end of days (after Morgoth's return from behind the Door of Night), in which they would be victorious.[2]

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Foreign Language Translated name
Breton L'Armée du Valinor
Bulgarian Cyrillic Армията на Валинор
Catalan L'exèrcit de Valinor
Czech Armáda Valinoru
Danish Valinorshæren
Estonian Valinori armee
French L'Armée du Valinor
German Die Armee von Valinor
Hebrew את חיל ואלינור
Italian L'Esercito di Valinor
Latvian Valinora Armija
Lithuanian Valinorą armija
Maltese L-Armata ta ' Valinor
Norwegian Valinorhær
Portuguese O Exército de Valinor
Russian Армия Валинора
Serbian Армија Валинора (Cyrillic) Armija Valinora (Latin)
Slovak Armáda Valinor
Spanish El Ejército de Valinor
Swedish Valinorarmén


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