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The Horn of the Mark, informally known as the horn of Rohan, was a silver horn made by the dwarves, and later given as a gift from Éowyn to Meriadoc Brandybuck.


It was an ancient, dwarf-made horn of silver with a green baldric, engraved with horsemen riding in a line from the tip to the mouth. Runes of great virtue were set into it, said to cause enemies fear and friends joy, bringing the blower's friends to him.[1]


The horn became an heirloom of the royal house of Rohan, brought from the north by Eorl the Young. It was originally from the hoard of the dragon Scatha the Worm, who was killed by Fram. Despite disputes over Scatha's hoard with the dwarves, the Éothéod took at least part of the hoard, including the horn.[1]

Many years later, Éowyn presented the horn to Meriadoc Brandybuck when he was leaving Rohan for his deeds at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.[1] Merry later used it the Scouring of the Shire, rousing the Hobbits of Bywater when he, Frodo Baggins, Peregrin Took, and Sam Gamgee arrived after the War of the Ring. He also used it in Hobbiton when the four of them went to see Lotho Sackville-Baggins.[2]

Every year following the events of the War of the Ring, the horn was blown on November 2; the anniversary of its first usage in the Shire, and this was followed with bonfires and feasting in Buckland.[3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Horing van die Mark
Catalan Banya de la Mark
Croatian Rog Marka
Czech Roh Marchia
Danish Marchiahorn
Dutch Hoorn van het Mark
Finnish Markin torvi
French Corne de la Mark
German Horn der Mark
Lithuanian Kovo Ragas
Persian شیپور سرزمین سواران
Polish Róg Marchii
Slovak Roh Marka
Slovenian Roge Marš
Spanish Cuerno de la Mark
Swedish Markushorn