Hirluin, known fully as Hirluin the Fair or Hirluin of the Green Hills, was a Man of Gondor, and the Lord of Pinnath Gelin‎, who came to the aid of Minas Tirith during the War of the Ring.


Hirluin's early history was not known; only that he was a person of some importance in the Pinnath Gelin‎ area of Gondor. It was possibly that he was Lord of that area. He was the leader of three-hundred gallant green-clad and well-armed men raised for the relief of Gondor in the Pelennor Fields.[1]

He came from Lebennin with three hundred of his men, who carried banners of yellow stars. He was "tall and proud", and bore a steel helm matched by those of the Fountain Guard. Hirluin slew many Orcs during the siege but he came to his doom when he was overwhelmed by the Orc horde at the breaking of the door. Hirluin was buried before the gate at which he fell alongside Forlong at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Afterwards, the memory of his death as with others was lamented in the Mounds of Mundburg.[2]


Hirluin was a Sindarin word meaning 'blue lord'.[3]

Portrayals in adaptations

Hirluin - LOTRO

Hirluin in The Lord of the Rings Online

  • In The Lord of the Rings Online Hirluin is first met in Minas Tirith shortly before the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, drinking in a tavern and remembering the days of their youth with his good friend Forlong. Later, both of them lead the defence of the White City, fighting on the wall alongside other defenders. When the Rohirrim army arrives, both of them rush outside the city gates and faces their oes together before Hirluin is slain before his friend.


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሒርሉኢን
Arabic حيرلوين ?
Armenian Հիրլուին
Belarusian Cyrillic Hірлуін
Bengali হির্লুইন
Bulgarian Cyrillic Хирлуин
Catalan Hírluin
Chinese (Hong Kong) 賀路恩
Georgian ჰირლუინი
Greek Χίρλουιν
Gujarati હિર્લુઇન
Hebrew חירלוינ
Hindi हिर्लुइन
Japanese ヒルイン
Kannada ಹಿರ್ಲಿನ್
Kazakh Хирлуин (Cyrillic) Xïrlwïn (Latin)
Korean 히라루 인
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Hирлуин
Laotian ຫິຣລຸິນ
Macedonian Cyrillic Хирлуин
Marathi हिर्लुइन
Mongolian Cyrillic Hирлуин
Nepalese हिर्लुइन
Persian هیرلوین
Punjabi ਹਿਰਲੂਨ
Russian Хирлуин
Sanskrit हिर्लुइन्
Serbian Хирлуин (Cyrillic) Hirluin (Latin)
Sinhalese හිරුයිල්ය
Tajik Cyrillic Ҳирлуин
Tamil ஹிரலின்
Telugu ఛైర్లుయిం
Thai ฮิรลุิน
Ukrainian Cyrillic Гірлуін
Urdu ہارلوان
Uzbek Ҳирлуин (Cyrillic) Hirluin (Latin)
Yiddish הירלוין
Lords of Gondor
Imrahil | Duinhir | Hirluin | Forlong | Angbor | Golasgil


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