High King of the Ñoldor was the title given to the highest ruler of the Ñoldor in both Aman and Middle-earth in the First Age. It was exclusively applied to the House of Finwë.

History Edit

The title came into being at about the time that the Elves undertook their Great Journey to Aman with Finwë being its first. The title continued in Middle-earth after the Ñoldor returned in pursuit of Morgoth. Fëanor or the eldest of his sons could have claimed the title but with his death Maedhros waived his claim to the title and ceded it to House of Fingolfin, out of respect and friendship with them. There were four legitimate High Kings in Middle-earth beginning with Fingolfin and ending with Gil-galad at the end of Second Age, lasting over four-thousand years. Turgon's relatives Eärendil and then Elrond could have made a claim to the title but never did. It is possible that the High Kingship passed exclusively through the male line; if this is the case, then the title became effectively extinct with the death of Gil-galad in Middle-earth. Eärendil and his descendants belonged to the human House of Hador.[1]

Succession Edit

The succession of the kingship was never planned, likely because Elves could not die and there would be no need for succession. But in the worst case, the Elves followed the rule that the eldest child should succeed. Such was the case with Fëanor, who immediately claimed the title after Finwe's death at the hands of Morgoth. But he could not command the same respect, for greater love was given to Fingolfin for his wisdom and leadership, and the Ñoldor of Tirion refused to renounce him.

After the death of Fëanor, Maedhros was due to succeed by right, yet in repentance of his father's acts he waived his claim to Fingolfin. This move was recognised by all, and the Kingship belonged solely to the House of Fingolfin. Fingon was the elder son who succeeded his father. Strangely however, after Fingon's demise he was not succeeded by his son Gil-galad, but by Turgon his brother. Once again this would suggest loyalty and respect in such a decision, as Turgon was older and more experienced at the time. Nevertheless, the kingship passed back to Gil-galad after Turgon's fall. The change in Tolkien's later notes to Gil-Galad's parentage, making him son of Orodreth, suggests that Gil-Galad may not have been High King as he was a descendant of Finarfin, not Fingolfin.

King Turgon by Filat

Turgon at Gondolin

Known High Kings of the Ñoldor Edit

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Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Hoë Koning van die Noldor
Albanian Mbreti i Lartë i Noldorit
Arabic الملك عالية من نولدور
Basque Noldorko errege nagusia
Bosnian Vrhovni Kralj Noldora
Bulgarian Cyrillic Върховните Крал на Нолдор
Catalan Rei Suprem dels Ñoldor
Cebuano Hataas nga Hari sa Noldor
Chinese 諾多族最高君王
Corsican Re di Rè di Noldor
Croatian Visokikralj Noldora
Czech Velekrál Noldor
Danish Noldor Stor-konge
Dutch Hoge Koning van de Noldor
Esperanto Supera Reĝo de Noldor
Estonian Noldor Kõrge kuningas
Filipino Mataas na hari ng mga Noldor
Finnish Noldorin korkea kuningas
French Haut Roi des Noldor
Galician Altos Rei dos Noldor
Georgian ნოლდორის მაღალი მეფე
German Hoher König der Noldor
Greek Ανώτατο βασιλιάς των Νόλντορ
Gujarati નોલ્ડરના ઉચ્ચ રાજા
Haitian Creole Anwo nan syèl la wa peyi Noldor
Hausa Babban Sarki na Noldor
Hebrew העליון קינג של הנולדור
Hmong Huab tais siab ntawm qhov Noldor
Hungarian Noldor nagy királya
Icelandic Hákonungur af Noldor
Indonesian Raja Tinggi Noldor
Irish Gaelic Ard Rí na hNoldor
Italian Re Supremo dei Noldor
Japanese ノルドールの高い王
Javanese Raja Agung saka Noldor
Kannada ನೊಲ್ಡರ್ನ ಉನ್ನತ ರಾಜ
Kazakh Нолдордың Жоғары Патшасы (Cyrillic) Noldordıñ Joğarı Patşası (Latin)
Korean 놀도르의 높은 왕
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Нолдордын Жогорку падыша
Latvian Augsts Noldoras karalis
Lithuanian Aukštas Noldoro karalius
Luxembourgish Héijer Kinnik vun Noldor
Macedonian Cyrillic Висок Крал на Нолдор
Malagasy Mpanjaka avo ao amin' ny Noldor
Malaysian Raja Tinggi Noldor
Maltese Re Għoli tal-Noldor
Marathi नोल्डरचा सर्वोच्च राजा ?
Mongolian Cyrillic Нолдор-ийн Өндөр хаан
Nepalese णोल्दोर को उच्च राजा
Norwegian Høykonge av Noldoene
Persian پادشاه بالا نولدور
Polish Najwyższy Król Noldorów
Portuguese Alto Rei dos Noldor
Punjabi ਨੋਲਡਰ ਦਾ ਸਭ ਤੋਂ ਵੱਡਾ ਰਾਜਾ
Romanian Marele rege al Noldorii
Russian Верховный король Нолдор
Samoan Le tupu Maualuga o le Noldor
Scottish Gaelic Àrd Rìgh de na Noldor
Serbian Велики краљ Нолдора (Cyrillic) Veliki kralj Noldora (Latin)
Slovak Vysokýkráľ Noldor
Slovenian Nadkralj vseh Noldorov
Spanish Rey Supremo de los Noldor
Sundanese Tinggi Raja tina Noldor
Swahili Mfalme mkuu wa Noldor
Swedish Högkung av Noldor
Tajik Cyrillic Нолдор баландтарин Подшоҳи ?
Telugu ణొల్దొర యొక్క ఉన్నత రాజు
Turkish Yüce Noldor Kralı
Ukrainian Cyrillic Верховний король Нолдор
Urdu ہائی شاہ نولڈاور
Uzbek Нолдорнинг Олий қирол (Cyrillic) Noldorning Oliy qirol (Latin)
Vietnamese Vua cao của Noldor
Welsh Uchel Frenin Noldor
Yiddish הויך מלך פון די נאָלדאָר
Zulu INkosi ephakeme ye-the Noldor

References Edit

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