Herucalmo (d. SA 2657) was the consort to the Ruling Queen Tar-Vanimeldë of Númenor. He was much younger than his wife. Tar-Vanimeldë had little interest in ruling, and Herucalmo served as her regent taking over the duties of state. When she died, the throne should have gone to their son, Tar-Alcarin, but Herucalmo usurped the throne and ruled under the name Tar-Anducal ("Light of the West") from SA 2637 to SA 2657. Being an illegal claim to the throne of Númenor, Herucalmo was not given the official title of King of Númenor.

Upon Tar-Anducal's death, Tar-Vanimeldë's son Tar-Alcarin finally succeeded to his rightful throne.

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