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Hengest is the name of the son of Ottor Wæfre (who is Eriol/Ælfwine) and brother of Horsa, who existed in a stage of J.R.R. Tolkien's early legendarium (of a new mythology for England), affiliated with the story of Finn and Hengest. He also appears in Tolkien's translation of Beowulf. Within Tolkien's Middle-earth writings, Hengest only appears in tales included in The Book of Lost Tales Part One.

Ælfwine was intended to be the introductory voice adapting Middle-earth and a number of other legends into Tolkien's concept of a 'new mythology for England', wherefore his son also makes appearances. Tolkien lectured on this idea at Oxford and developed certain original theories, especially in connection with the appearance of Hengest in Beowulf. Ultimately there are at least three different histories for persons known as Ælfwine or Eriol, including Ottor, Luthien, and one other (from c. 500, 900, and 1000 A.D. respectively).

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