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The One Wiki to Rule Them All
This page is a proposed policy on the One Wiki to Rule them All. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes and improvements to this policy.

The following are not to be used within the text of the One Wiki to Rule Them All's informative articles, unless they are a part of a quote.

These terms or idioms are either too subjective in real-life usage, grammatically or canonically incorrect, common misspellings, or have better synonyms.

  • The abbreviations "a.k.a." and "LOTR"
  • "We" or "you"
  • "albeit"
  • "please expand"
  • "(More information needed)" - unless this is part of a notice template
  • "more images to come"
  • "no doubt"
  • "maybe" - Instead, use "possibly" or "likely".
  • "sadly"
  • "basically"
  • "stuff"
  • "pretty" followed by an adjective
  • "Orcen" or "Orcan" - The only correct adjective for Orcs in Middle-earth lore is Orcish.
  • "Urukhai" or "Uruk Hai" - The correct spelling is "Uruk-hai".
  • "Cavetroll" - The correct spelling is Cave-troll.
  • "From whence" - must instead be "from where", or "whence" by itself
  • "Calvary" - a very common misspelling of cavalry
  • "middle earth" & "Middle Earth" - The proper spelling is "Middle-earth".
  • "Witch King" - The proper spelling is "Witch-king".
  • Names of Fandom users - unless the article pertains to a Real-world website