Helm's Dike was an ancient trench and rampart which guarded Helm's Deep in the land of Rohan.

It was about a quarter mile below the fortress, and stretched a mile or more across the Deeping-coomb. It was quite steep and was about twenty feet high in some places, resembling a cliff.[1][2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 聖盔渠
Croatian Helmova nasipa
Czech Helmova hráz
Finnish Helmin Valli
German Helms Deich
Hebrew סוללת הלם
Hindi पतवार के तटबंध
Italiano Diga di Helm
Macedonian Cyrillic Насип на Хелм
Portuguese (Brazil) Dique de Helm
Serbian Хелмова Дајка (Cyrillic) Helmova Dajka (Latin)
Slovak Helmova násyp
Spanish Dique de timón
Turkish Helm'in hendek


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