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This article refers to the place itself. For other namesakes, see Helm's Deep (disambiguation).
This article is about the gorge of the White Mountains. For the fortress itself, see Hornburg.

Helm's Deep as portrayed in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Helm's Deep, named for Helm Hammerhand, was a fortified gorge in the White Mountains located below the Thrihyrne. It lay near the Westfold and was the location of the Hornburg.[1] It was later made famous by the Battle of the Hornburg, a major battle of the War of the Ring.


The gorge narrowed from the north, with the cliffs on each side heightening until its southernmost point, where the fortress of the Hornburg and the source of the Deeping-stream lay. The Hornburg was built upon a great spur of rock which extended from the gorge's northern cliff, and from the fortress to the southern cliff was built the Deeping Wall. The earthen wall known as Helm's Dike spanned the width of the gorge, acting as a first defense of the fortress.

Behind the Hornburg was located the Glittering Caves, which were renowned for their beauty.[1]


Helm's Deep was first known to be settled by the Men of Gondor, who constructed the Hornburg during the Second Age. When Calenardhon was given by Gondor to the Éothéod during the rule of Eorl the Young, it became a stronghold of the Rohirrim.[2]

During the Long Winter of TA 2758-2759, Helm Hammerhand and a contingent of Rohirrim soldiers took shelter in the Súthburg. It was at this time that the gorge and fortress name were taken from Helm and his horn.[2]

In the year TA 3019, during the War of the Ring, King Théoden of Rohan led the people of Edoras to the Hornburg to take refuge from the impending attack of Saruman's army. It was then that the Battle of the Hornburg was fought, which ended in victory for Rohan after Erkenbrand and Gandalf arrived with reinforcements.[1] Following the beginning of the Fourth Age, Gimli founded a dwarven colony in the Glittering Caves, becoming Lord of the Glittering Caves for a time.[3]



Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic هيلمز عميق
Albanian Kaskë Thellë
Armenian Հելմի կիրճ
Azerbaijani Sükan Dərin
Belarusian Cyrillic Хельмава Падзь
Bengali হেম’দ ডিপ
Bosnian Helmova klisura
Bulgarian Cyrillic Шлемово усое
Cambodian កាន់តំណែងរបស់ជ្រៅ
Catalan Gorja d'en Helm
Cebuano Timon nga halalum
Chinese (Hong Kong) 聖盔谷
Croatian Helmova klisura
Czech Helmův žleb
Danish Helms Kløft
Dutch Helmsdiepte
Estonian Helmi Süvik
Finnish Helmin Syvänne
French Gouffre de Helm
Galician Abismo de Helmo
Georgian ჰელმის ციხესიმაგრე
German Helms Klamm
Greek το φαραγγι του χελμ
Hawaiian Helm ka Hohonu
Hebrew נקרת הלם
Hindi पतवार की गहरा
Hungarian Helm-szurdok
Icelandic Hjálmsdýpi
Italian Fosso di Helm
Japanese ヘルム峡谷
Kannada ಹೆಲ್ಮ್'ಸ್ ಡೀಪ್
Korean 헬름 협곡
Latvian Stūre Dziļi
Macedonian Cyrillic Кормилото длабоко
Malay Helm ini Mendalam
Malayalam ചുക്കാന് ന്റെ ഡീപ്
Marathi प्रमुखपदी च्या खोल ?
Mongolian Cyrillic жолоо гүн
Nepalese कर्ण गरेको गहिरो
Norwegian Helmsdjupet
Pashto حېلم،س ضېېپ ?
Persian گودی هلم
Polish Helmowy Jar
Portuguese Abismo de Helm (Brazil) Abismo do Elmo (Portugal)
Romanian Văgăuna lui Helm
Russian Хельмова Падь
Scottish Gaelic Doimhne na Failme
Serbian Хелмов понор (Cyrillic) Helmov ponor (Latin)
Sindhi سکان جي ديپ
Slovak Helmov Žľab
Slovenian Helmovo brezno
Swedish Helms Klyfta
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Abismo de Helm
Tajik Cyrillic Чанбараки кард чуқур
Tamil தலைமையில் ஆழமான ?
Telugu చుక్కాని యొక్క లోతైన
Thai เฮล์มสดีฟ
Turkish Miğfer Dibi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Гельмів Яр
Welsh Llyw yn Ddwfn
Yiddish רודער ס טיף


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