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Helcar (also spelt Helkar[1]) was the name of a great tower upon which the mighty lamp Illuin sat.


Helcar was raised by the Valar to house the northern of the Two Lamps, Illuin. It was placed in the north of Middle-earth, and together with the southern lamp Ormal lit up all of Arda. Helcar was destroyed by Melkor in an attack while the Valar rested from their labors, and collapsed with devastating consequences to the world. This ruined a great part of Middle-earth, and waters (probably from Belegaer and the eastern ocean) flowed in. Later here was formed the inland Sea of Helcar. The heat of Illuin then melted Helcar, and the meltwater of this tower formed the Sea of Helcar.[2]

Earlier versions of the legendarium

In some traditions it was said that Helcar was one of the two pillars made by Melko (Melkor), not the Valar, out of ice - a substance that was not yet known to the Valar.[3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሄልካር
Arabic هيلكار
Armenian Հելքար
Belarusian Cyrillic Хелкар
Bengali হেলকার
Bulgarian Cyrillic Хелкар
Chinese 赫尔卡尔 ?
Danish Helkar
Georgian ჰელკარი
German Helkar
Greek Χελκαρ
Gujarati હેલકર
Hebrew הלקאר
Hindi हेल्कर
Japanese ヘルカール
Kannada ಹೆಲ್ಕರ್
Kazakh Хелкар (Cyrillic) Xelkar (Latin)
Korean 헬 카르
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Hэлкар
Laotian ຮເລຈະຣ
Macedonian Cyrillic Хелкар
Marathi हेलकर
Mongolian Cyrillic Хэлкар
Nepalese हेल्कर
Persian هلکار
Punjabi ਹੇਲਕਰ
Russian Хэлкар
Sanskrit हेल्चर्
Serbian Хелкар (Cyrillic) Helkar (Latin)
Sinhalese හෙල්කාර්
Tajik Cyrillic Ҳелкар
Tamil ஹெல்க்கர்
Telugu హెల్కర్
Urdu ہیلکر
Ukrainian Cyrillic Хелкар
Uzbek Ҳелкар (Cyrillic) Helkar (Latin)
Yiddish העלקאַר