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The Havens of Sirion were the refuge for the Eldar and Edain of Beleriand who survived the Nírnaeth Arnoediad and the destruction of Menegroth.


The Havens of Sirion housed the surviving Sindar of Doriath (after their homeland was sacked)[3], some of the Ñoldor from Nargothrond and Gondolin, and the few surviving Men of the Three Houses of the Edain.[4] The first rulers of this region, known as Arvernien, were Tuor and Idril. Later their son, the Half-elven Eärendil, married Dior's half-elven daughter, Elwing, who had fled the Fall of Doriath with the Silmaril of Beren and Lúthien. Their sons Elros and Elrond were born in Arvernien.[5]

Maedhros and Maglor find Elros and Elrond, by Catherine Karina Chmiel

The refugees of the Havens built many ships, with many sailing to the Isle of Balar, where Círdan and the survivors of Eglarest and Brithombar had fled. Eärendil himself built Vingilot and sailed in search of the hidden land of Valinor and seek the pardon of the Valar. However, in spite of his many journeys, Eärendil was unsuccessful. During one of his voyages, the surviving Sons of Fëanor attacked the Havens in an attempt to reclaim the Silmaril. Many were killed, including Amrod and Amras. Elwing cast herself into the Sea with the Silmaril rather than surrender it, but was saved by the Vala Ulmo and sent to Eärendil. Maglor later repented his actions, raising Elros and Elrond as his foster children.[5]

Using the Silmaril, Eärendil and Elwing were able to reach Valinor and successfully plead on behalf of the Elves and Men with the Valar.[5]

Other versions of the legendarium

In one version of The Silmarillion mythology, the host of the Valar landed at the Mouths of Sirion before embarking on the War of Wrath. By the end of the War, when Elves were permitted to choose between Valinor and Middle-earth, most of the survivors of the war gathered at the Havens of Sirion and the Isle of Balar. Many Elves went to Lindon until the time of their summons to Valinor came. The Edain voyaged to the new isle of Númenor, a gift to the race of Men.


Foreign Language Translated name
Albanian Portet e Sirionit
Arabic موانئ سيريون
Azerbaijani Sirionın limanlar
Bosnian Sirionova luka
Croatian Sirionske luke
Czech Přístavy Sirionu
Danish Sirionshavne
Dutch Havens van Sirion
Esperanto Havenoj de Sirion
Estonian Sirioni sadamad
Finnish Sirionin turvapaikka
French Ports du Sirion
Frisian Havens fan Sirion (Western)
Galician Portos de Sirion
German Port des Sirion
Greek λιμάνια του Σίριον
Hungarian Sirion kikötői
Italian Porti di Sirion
Korean 시리온의 안식처 / 시리온의 피난촌
Latvian Sirionas ostas
Lithuanian Siriono uostai
Luxembourgish Häfen vu Sirion
Macedonian Cyrillic Пристаништата на Сирион
Malayalam സിറിയോൺ തുറമുഖങ്ങൾ
Mongolian Cyrillic Сирионы портууд
Norwegian Sirionshavner
Persian بندرگاه‌های سیریون
Portuguese Portos do Sirion
Romanian Porturile Sirionului
Russian Гавани Сириона
Serbian Луке Сириона (Cyrillic) Luke Siriona (Latin)
Slovak Sirionské prístavy
Slovenian Pristanišča Sirion
Spanish Puertos del Sirion
Swedish Sirionshamnar
Turkish Sirion'in barınak
Turkmen Sirionyň pena
Ukrainian Cyrillic Гавані Сиріону
Urdu سیریون کی بندرگاہ


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