In the First Age, Haudh-en-Elleth was the burial mound of Finduilas, located in Brethil near the Crossings of Teiglin. The mound was kept free of orcs by Túrin Turambar while he lived, and here he met (but did not recognize) his sister Nienor for the first time.[1]

Years later, it was here that Manthor and his guardsmen came across Húrin, during the time of Húrin's wanderings.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic هاوده أون إليث
Bulgarian Cyrillic Хауд-ен-Елет
Chinese 伊列絲墓塚
Georgian ჰაუდჰ-ენ-ელლეთ
Hebrew האוד אן אלת
Russian Хауд-эн-Эллет
Ukrainian Cyrillic Хауд-ен-Еллет


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