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Hasufel was a large dark grey horse, originally belonging to Gárulf.[1]


Hasufel in Peter Jackson's films


When Gárulf was killed in battle, the horse served Éomer and his éored. When the éored encountered Aragorn's party, Éomer gave Hasufel to Aragorn in compensation for the presumed deaths of Merry and Pippin.[1]

He rode it across much of the plains of Rohan, but the horse fled along with Arod when an old man (most likely Saruman) came to the three hunters' camping place to spy on them. After escaping, Hasufel and Arod met with Shadowfax. All three eventually returned when Gandalf summoned them, and he gave Hasufel and Arod back to their respective owners.[2]

Hasufel accompanied Aragorn throughout his journeys, but was superseded by Roheryn, Aragorn's own horse, just prior to the passage of the Paths of the Dead.[3]


In Old English, Hasufel means "dark skin".

In adaptations[]

The Lord of the Rings Online - Hasufel

Hasufel in The Lord of the Rings Online

In the film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002), Hasufel is a chestnut color.

In The Lord of the Rings Online, Arod and Hasufel, led by Shadowfax, appear in a mission in which the player has to stop Mordor orcs from stealing Black Horses of Rohan.