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Harrowdale was a deep, north-south valley cut out of the White Mountains by the Snowbourn river in Rohan.

At its southern end, between the mountains known as the Starkhorn and Írensaga, stood Dunharrow, a great clifftop refuge of the Rohirrim. Just below this refuge was a grassy encampment named the Firienfeld. At the Harrowdale's northern end, where the Snowbourn issued onto the plains of Rohan, stood the kingdom's capital, Edoras.[1] Underharrow and Upbourn were small settlements within the valley, north of Dunharrow and south of Edoras.

During the War of the Ring, Dúnhere was Lord of Harrowdale.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Danish Hargedyb
Finnish Hargin laakso
German Hargtal
Hebrew הארודייל
Italian Valfano
Luxembourgish Hargdall
Persian هالودیل
Portuguese (Brazil) Vale Harg
Russian Харроудейл