Hareth was an Edain woman of the House of Haleth.


Hareth lived during the First Age of Middle-earth, and was the elder daughter of Halmir, the Chieftain of the Haladin, and sister of Haldir, Hundar, and Hiril. She married Galdor in FA 436[1] of Dor-lómin, Lord of the House of Hador, and bore him two sons, Húrin and Huor.[2][3]


Hareth was a Quenya word that meant 'Lady'.[4]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሓረጥ
Arabic حاريته
Armenian Հարետհ
Belarusian Cyillic Hарет
Bengali হারিথ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Харет
Georgian ჰარეთი
Gujarati હેરેથ
Hebrew חארת
Hindi हरेथ
Japanese ハレス
Kannada ಹರೇತ್
Kazakh Һаретһ (Cyrillic) Hareth (Latin)
Korean 할레스
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Hарэтh
Macedonian Cyrillic Харет
Marathi हरेथ
Mongolian Cyrillic Hаретh
Nepalese हरेथ
Persian حارهته
Polish Haretha
Punjabi ਹਰੇਥ
Russian Харетх
Sanskrit हरेथ्
Serbian Харетх (Cyrillic) Hareth (Latin)
Sinhalese හේරත්
Tajik Cyrillic Ҳаретҳ
Tamil ஹரித்
Telugu హరేత్
Ukrainian Cyillic Гарет
Urdu حریٹہ
Uzbek Ҳаретҳ (Cyrillic) Hareth (Latin)
Yiddish האַרעטה


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