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Hardang was a Man, and a Chieftain of the Men of Brethil during the First Age.


Hardang was a descendant of Halmir of the House of Haleth. His father was Hundad, and his grandfather was Hundar. After the death of the Chieftain of Brethil, Handir, Hardang tried to supersede his cousin, Brandir, in acquiring the throne of the Men of Brethil. Many citizens believed Brandir to be unfit to rule them, and therefore supported Hardang.

Many people also wanted Brandir's cousin Manthor to assume the role of Chieftain instead, though. Unfortunately for him and his supporters, he was related to Brandir by a daughter, which meant that his kinship with Brandir was worth less in the eyes of the people. Hardang then won the vote, and became the Chieftain of the Men of Brethil in FA 499. Upon becoming Chieftain, Hardang hired Manthor to be the Captain of the Guards at the Crossings of Taeglin.

Within two years of ruling Brethil, whispers of the return of Húrin began echoing throughout Brethil. Hardang harbored resentment for the House of Hador, of which Húrin was a member, as it was not his own, and many of the houses of the time had harsh rivalries. Therefore, upon Húrin's actual return, Hardang launched an attack against him. Húrin wounded Hardang in the battle, and Manthor later defended Húrin and restored his honor, which made Hardang's approval with the people suffer.

Húrin survived the conflict, and Hardang lost a great deal more public approval for the attempt on his life. A group of the citizens then banded together and burned the Hall of the Chieftains, from where all the Chieftains had ruled, with the intent of killing Hardang. He tried fleeing from the burning structure, but was hit in the back by a spear while running away, and perished.[2]


In early versions of the story, Hardang's name was Harathor, and it was he, not Manthor, who was the brother of Túrin's companion Hunthor.


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