The Harad Road, known also as the Southward Road, was a road used by the armies of Harad to come to Mordor.

It ran from the Black Gate through northern Ithilien to the Cross-roads, then further south, crossing the Poros and Harnen rivers and thus entering Haradwaith.[1]


The road's origin is unspecified; it was probably made by Men of Gondor in the Second Age.

On this road, near Emyn Arnen, Faramir and the Rangers of Ithilien ambushed the Haradrim army in TA 3019. Afterwards, the rangers found Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, whom they took captive for a time.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Harad Pad
Armenian Հարադ րոադ
Bengali হারাদ রাস্তা
Catalan Carretera Harad
Cebuano Harad Dalan
Chinese (Hong Kong) 哈拉德道
Croatian Harad Cesta
Czech Harad Silnice
Dutch Harad Weg
Esperanto Harad Vojo
Estonian Harad Tee
French Route Harad
Galician Estrada Harad
German Harad Straße
Gujarati હરદ રોઅદ
Hebrew חאראד רואד
Hungarian Harad Út
Indonesian Harad Jalan
Italian Harad Strada
Japanese ハラド道
Javanese Dalan Harad
Korean 하라 드 도로 ?
Kurdish حاراد رۆاد (Arabic script) Harad Rê (Latinised)
Kyrgyz Харот жол
Serbian Пут Харада (Cyrillic) Harad ?(Latinised)
Yiddish האַראַד וועג


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