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Half-troll of Far Harad

Half-trolls were a little-known-of race that came from Far Harad, who were loyal to Sauron. Tolkien mentions them only once or twice: they appeared at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields alongside the other man-allies of Sauron. It is unknown of which two races they are a hybrid.

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

The Hunt for Gollum Edit

In the non-canonical and non-profit movie The Hunt for Gollum, the orc chieftain Goblok attacks Aragorn. He is said to be a half-troll on a website by the cast member that played him.

Video games Edit

Half-Troll swordsmen

A Half-troll Swordsman in ROTWK

  • Half-trolls appear in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II. Goblins, orcs and Uruk-hai were all created for the express purpose of war by dark powers. It is from this wicked tradition that the half-trolls were born. By crossing a troll and an orc there came into existence a rare but hefty breed of warrior. While trolls are strong but stupid, and goblins are numerous but frail, the marauders were strong and clever enough to eke out an existence wandering the empty wastes of the north. As a race hunted by the clever Dúnedain rangers, the marauders never found peace on their own, and as such their numbers remained few. It was in this way that the goblins pressed the half-trolls into the service of war. The marauders were welcomed into the caverns of the Misty Mountains upon the condition that they would don the twisted metal armor of the goblin army and fight when they were called upon. Now the goblins deploy the marauders where they fight best: in open battle against large opponents such as cavalry. When wielding a giant gnarled pike set for a charge, the brutal half-trolls are imposing and smart enough to use their weapons effectively. The half-troll swordsmen, who only appear in the game's expansion, The Rise of the Witch-king, are similar to the marauders but have swords instead of pikes. They have helmets and armor that are the same as the marauders', but more knight-like than goblin-Like.
  • In Third Age: Total war, they are available to the Harad faction and are advanced light infantry known as troll-men of Harad.

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Half-troll marauders in the BFME games as part of the goblin faction
Half-troll swordsman in The Rise of the Witch-king
Half Trolls
Strategy Battle Game Half-trolls
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