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Haldir was an Elf of Lothlórien, probably a Silvan Elf, and a marchwarden who guarded the forest's northern borders. When the Fellowship of the Ring arrived in Lórien, he became their guide to Caras Galadhon. He and his companions are described as wearing grey hooded cloaks and residing on platforms or flets.

Haldir was accompanied by his brothers, Rúmil and Orophin, who interacted little with the Fellowship because they, unlike Haldir, spoke little of the Common Tongue. Haldir could speak it fluently, as he often travelled outside of Lothlórien. Little is known about his brothers.

Biography Edit

Third Age Edit

Haldir of Lorien - FOTR

"The Dwarf breathed so loudly we could have shot him in the dark."

On January 15, 3019, the brothers encountered the Fellowship near the Nimrodel in the eaves of the forest. Haldir was able to speak to the Fellowship, for he knew the Common Tongue. Haldir welcomed Legolas as one of his kindreds from the north and recognized Aragorn as a friend to Lady Galadriel. He was prepared to lead the Fellowship into Lórien, but he hesitated upon learning that one of the party was a Dwarf. After consulting with his brothers, Haldir agreed that Gimli could enter if he went blindfolded. The fellowship then insisted that if one of them had to go blindfolded, they all would. The brothers reluctantly agreed, and then led them into the forest.[1]

They spent the night on a Flet, or a platform in the trees. During the night, Haldir and his brothers heard Orcs passing and lured them away from the Fellowship. When he returned to the flet, Haldir saw a strange creature at the base of the tree, which Frodo guessed to be Gollum.

In the morning, Haldir fashioned a rope bridge for the Fellowship to use to cross the Silverlode. Haldir learned from Merry Brandybuck that the Grey Havens lay west of the Shire, and he spoke longingly of the sea, but sadly of the time when he and his kin would have to leave Lorien. When news came that the Fellowship's blindfolds could be removed, Haldir apologized to Gimli and welcomed him as the first Dwarf to enter Lórien since the time of Durin.

After guiding the Fellowship to Caras Galadhon, Haldir returned to his duties guarding the northern borders, but he returned when the Fellowship was about to depart to guide them to the banks of the Silverlode, where boats awaited them.[1]

Nothing further is known of Haldir's activities. It is likely that he participated in the defense of Lothlórien when the forces of Dol Guldur attacked it in March of 3019.

Haldir was one of the few Elves of Lórien who could speak Westron. He had clearly heard of Aragorn, but there is no indication that they had met previously.[2]

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy Edit

In Peter Jackson's Film Trilogy, Haldir was portrayed by Craig Parker in The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers.

Haldir at Helm's Deep

Haldir fighting in Helm's Deep, on the Deeping Wall

Haldir's role is greatly expanded in the films: In The Two Towers, he was sent by Elrond and led an army of five hundred elves from Lothlórien to Helm's Deep. They were stationed on the battlements and behind the Deeping Wall. They held off the Isengard assault until a bomb was set off and destroyed the walls. The elves, on Aragorn's command, charged straight into a wall of Uruk-hai pikes.

During the breaching of the walls, the Rohirrim and elves retreated to the Keep. Haldir was passing the command to his warriors when he was attacked by either side by two Uruks. He killed both, but one stabbed him in the chest with the inward-spike of its sword before it was slain. While in a daze, looking out at the bodies of his fallen friends and seeing all his brethren falling back, he was slashed on the back of his neck. Aragorn rushed to his side and attempted to brace him up, but Haldir had fallen.


Haldir meets his end

Aragorn looked upon him with much love and respect, placing his hand on Haldir's heart. Hearing oncoming Uruk-hai about to corner him, as he was the last one left on the wall, he respectfully laid down his fallen friend's body and escaped.

The Battle of Helm's Deep would have been a quick victory for the ten thousand Uruk-hai warriors, but the Galadhrim elves were highly skilled and highly trained warriors, their defense of the Deeping Wall lasted almost the entire night, and their heavy sacrifice gave the defenders the time needed to wait out the siege. They were the key to the Free Peoples' victory.

Théoden held a ceremony and funeral for Haldir and his fallen regiment, burying them with great honor at the burial mounds of Edoras at the beginning of The Return of the King. The only elf confirmed to have survived the battle was Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. Jackson may have killed off Haldir in the film to dramatize the sacrifice of the elves.

Differences between the film and the novel Edit

Haldir did not come to Helm's Deep at all in the novel. In Tolkien's account, there were no elves at Helm's Deep (aside from Legolas), and the Elves of Lórien were occupied in battles against forces out of Moria and Dol Guldur, which were only mentioned in passing. Although the half-elven brothers Elladan and Elrohir did turn up at Dunharrow, this was after the Battle of the Hornburg had ended. It is also doubtful that Haldir had the authority to command such a large group since he leads only a small group of border guards.

Although Haldir dies in the battle at Helm's Deep in Jackson's movie version, there is no mention of his death in any of Tolkien's published works. Haldir encountered the Fellowship between January 15 and February 16, 3019 and it is generally believed that he lived long before and after this period and may have passed into the West along with many of the Elves of Lórien.

Video games Edit

  • Haldir appears in both Guardians of Middle-earth (for Xbox360) as an unlockable character, and The Lord of the Rings Online, on his Talan near the Nimrodel river.

Other games Edit

Haldir was featured in The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game as Decipher card known as Haldir, Sentry of the Golden Wood.[3]

Voice Dubbing actors Edit

Foreign Language Voice dubbing artist
Spanish (Latin America) Rubén Trujillo (FOTR) / Alejandro Vargas Lugo (TTT)
Spanish (Spain) Alberto Mieza
Portuguese (Brazil) (Television/DVD) Fábio Moura
German Martin Halm
Italian (Italy) Christian Iansante
Czech (Czechia) Kamil Halbich
Turkish Ali Ekber Diribaş

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሓልዲር
Arabic هالدير
Armenian Հալդիր
Belarusian Cyrillic Hалдір
Bengali হাল্দির
Bulgarian Cyrillic Халдир
Chinese (Hong Kong) 哈爾達
Esperanto Haldiro
Georgian ჰალდირ
Greek Χάλντιρ
Gujarati હલ્દીર
Hebrew הלדיר
Hindi हल्दिर
Japanese ハルディア
Kannada ಹಲ್ದಿರ್
Kazakh Халдир (Cyrillic) Xaldïr (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Hалдир
Macedonian Cyrillic Халдир
Marathi हळदीर
Mongolian Cyrillic Hалдир
Nepalese हल्दिर
Pashto حالدیر
Persian حالدیر
Punjabi ਹਲਦੀਰ
Russian Халдир
Serbian Халдир (Cyrillic) Haldir (Latin)
Sinhalese හල්දිර්
Tamil காலடிற்
Tajik Cyrillic Ҳалдир
Telugu హల్దిర్
Thai ฮัลเดียร์
Ukrainian Cyrillic Галдір
Urdu حلڈیر
Uzbek Ҳалдир (Cyrillic) Haldir (Latin)
Yiddish האַלדיר

References Edit

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