The Gulf of Lune, also known as the Gulf of Lhûn, was a sea-arm roughly in the shape of an arrowhead that separated the Blue Mountains from upper Lindon into the lower part.[1]


The Gulf was named after the river Lhûn or more commonly - Lune - as created during the War of Wrath when Beleriand was broken. At the location of Mount Dolmed and the Dwarven citadel of Nogrod, Belegaer broke through the mountains, creating the Gulf of Lune.[1]


The remnant of Beleriand north of the gulf became known as Forlindon, and the part south of it as Harlindon (North and South Lindon). At the eastern end of the Gulf the Grey Havens of Mithlond were found, but smaller havens were established in Forlindon and Harlindon as well: Forlond and Harlond (North and South haven).

During the Second Age the ships of the Númenóreans first came to the Gulf of Lune to visit the Ñoldor and Sindar under Gil-galad who remained behind, and during the Third Age from it the ships of the Eldar passed away into the Far West.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Golf van Lune
Albanian Gjiri i Lune
Arabic لوني خلیجی
Armenian Լւնե ծոց
Azerbaijani Lune körfəzi
Basque Lune golkoa
Belarusian Cyrillic Луне заліў
Bengali লুনে উপসাগর
Bosnian Lune zaliv
Breton Pleg-mor Lune
Bulgarian Cyrillic Луне залив
Catalan Golf de Lune
Cebuano Gulpo sa Lune
Croatian Lune zaljev
Czech Lune záliv
Danish Lhûnbugten
Dutch Golf van Lune
Esperanto Golfo de Lune
Estonian Lune laht
Faroese Luneflógvin
Finnish Lhûnin lahti
French Golfe du Lune
Frisian Golf fan Lune
Galician Golfo de Lune
Georgian ლუნე ყურე
German Golf von Lune
Greek Κόλπος του Λυνε
Hebrew מפרץ לוני
Hindi ळुने की खाड़ी
Hungarian Lune-öböl
Icelandic Luneflói
Ido Gulfo di Lune
Indonesian Teluk Lune
Irish Gaelic Murascaill de Lune
Italian Golfo di Lune
Korean 룬 만 ?
Kurdish Kendava ji Lune (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Лунэ бою ойдуңу
Latvian Lune līcis
Lithuanian Lune įlanka
Luxembourgish Golf vu Lune
Macedonian Cyrillic Луне Залив
Malaysian Teluk Lune
Marathi ळुने आखात
Mongolian Cyrillic Луне булан
Norwegian Lunegolfen
Occitan Golf de Lune
Persian خلیج لونه
Polish Zatoka Lune
Portuguese Golfo do Lune
Punjabi ਲੁਨੇ ਦੀ ਖਾੜੀ
Romanian Golful Lune
Russian Залив Лун
Scots Gulf o Lune
Scottish Gaelic Camas de Lune
Serbian Луне залив (Cyrillic) Lune zaliv (Latin)
Sicilian Gulfu dû Lune
Slovak Lune záliv
Slovenian Lune zaliv
Spanish Golfo de Lune
Swahili Ghuba ya Lune
Swedish Lune Bukten
Tamil லுநெ வளைகுடா
Turkish Lune Körfezi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Луне затока
Urdu خلیج لونے
Uzbek Луне қўлтиғи (Cyrillic) Lune qoʻltigʻi (Latin)
Vietnamese Vịnh Lune
Welsh Gwlff o Lune
Yiddish איינגאס פון לונע


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