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The Guldur Olog-hai were high standard, elite warriors in Azog's Dol Guldur army.


These Olog-hai had spiky helmets, clubs and sometimes swords built into their arms.  When Thorin and Company storm out of Erebor, these beasts were in the front line. They are not very strong to arrows as they are all almost shot down before they can reach the dwarves. More are seen The Mordor Attack Troll is a breed of Olog-hai and unlike the Morgul breed, these are mostly covered in strong armour. There are only a few of these who managed to make it to the black gate in time for the battle as they are scattered all over Mordor and only one left at the end of the battle who duels Aragorn. He, like the rest, fall when Sauron is defeated.


These trolls were hardy, strong, tall and covered in armour.fighting the dwarves of the Iron Hills beforehand while thorin is overcoming his dragon sickness.


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