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The Great Goblin's cavern was a place in Goblin-town and the seat of the Great Goblin, its ruler, under the Misty Mountains.

The cave was rather large standing about one hundred feet high and three hundred feet long. At its eastern side stood a large platform where sat the Great Goblin until his death in July of 2941. It had only two ways in or out and was located about five miles from the Front Porch and about thirty miles from Gollum's cave.[1]

History Edit

The cavern was where Great Goblin briefly interrogated Thorin and Company for trespassing and possessing Elven weapons. It was also the place where Gandalf slew the Great Goblin after the Great Goblin had expressed that he would put them all to death.[2]

Portrayal in adaptions Edit

The Hobbit films Edit

In Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the Great Goblin's throne room is a cavern furnished of old timber, skeletons, rubbish and scavenged items.[3]

References Edit

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