Gorgol was an Orc chieftain, also called The Butcher, who lived in Beleriand during the First Age.


Gorgol was called "Butcher" because of the many foes he "butchered". He was the leader of the team which slaughtered Barahir and his companions near Tarn Aeluin. He claimed the famous Ring of Barahir, and later was slain by Beren who took back his father's ring.

Gorgol, holding the hand of Barahir aloft, said that he was minded to keep the Ring and declare to Morgoth that the hand of Barahir was bare. But at that moment Beren sprang into the camp, slew Gorgol, and seized the hand, making his escape.[citation needed]

Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Russian Горгол
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