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Gollum's Island

Gollum’s island also known as Slimy island was the home of Gollum during the time he dwelt Gollum's cave in a cave near Goblin-town under the Misty Mountains.

The island was made of rock and lay in the center of an underground lake. According to The Atlas of Middle-earth, it was between 150-200

Representation of Gollum's Island

feet from the lake's western shore, near the entrance to the tunnel. From here Gollum had good visibility and could see to the other side and could quickly paddle to and from the island in his little raft.[1]


As Gollum's home it was no doubt where he slept and possibly where he stored things taken from his goblin victims. The most valuable thing he stored here was his Golden ring; his "Birthday Present" his "Precious", which was hidden in a hole in the island's rock when he wasn't wearing it.

Gollum abandoned his slimy island when he left the cave a few years later to search for the ring and the thief Baggins.[2]


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