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Gollum's lake1

"Gollum's lake" refers to the lake in Gollum's cave where he lived alone for many decades.

The lake was formed by water that had seeped through the rock forming a cave. The residue of the sedimentary rock washed down to the bottom.[citation needed] It was wide, deep, and piercingly cold, yet fish somehow lived in it. The lake also had an outlet to the outside via an underground stream.[1]


Gollum lived off of the lake and the fish that lived in it. He paddled a homemade boat back and forth between the lake and a small island at the center of the lake, which was also Gollum's home. The Great Goblin would occasionally send goblins down to get fish, and were in turn eaten by Gollum. The goblins, however, did not seem to suspect Gollum's existence.

The lake first appears in The Hobbit in the chapter "Riddles in the Dark", as the meeting place of Gollum and Bilbo, after the latter discovers the former's lost "property:" the One Ring. There, the two engage in a game of riddles, which ends when Bilbo asks Gollum what is in his own pocket. Gollum then discovers his ring is missing and finds that Bilbo has it.[2]

Translations around the world

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Polish Jezioro Golluma

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