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Goblok was an Half-troll[2] chieftain and main antagonist in the fan film The Hunt for Gollum. He leads a band of orcs who have been sent by Sauron to capture Gollum.

Portrayal in adaptations

The Hunt for Gollum

In the fan-film, Goblok is an Orc-Troll hybrid chieftain and leader of a band of Orcs from Mordor, even though he is referred to be from the ''mines''. He has received orders from his master Sauron to find the creature known as Gollum and capture him alive. Goblok sends two orc scouts to search for him, but the two are slain by the Ranger Aragorn. After that, during the night, Goblok orders his soldiers to find Gollum and bring him back. The orc band manages to follow Aragorn into the forests near Mirkwood and attacks him, but they are quickly proven to be no match for him. Goblok soon confronts him himself, but the Ranger manages to stab him in the throat, killing him.

Weapons and Armor

Goblok is armed with an axe and club which he uses while fighting Aragorn. He could possibly also have a crude Orc-fashioned sword as well. Goblok's armor seems to be made out of bone and metal and some type of pelt, possibly Warg-skin.


  • The part is played and voiced by Gareth Brough. On the website, Goblok is said to be a Half-troll.
  • He is apparently not from Mordor but from the "mines", possibly meaning Moria. In the strategy game Battle for Middle-Earth II half-trolls are allied with the goblins living there.
  • His name means "stupid" in Indonesian.


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