Gethron was an Edain of Hurin's household during the First Age. He and his companion Grithnir were best known for serving as escorts to the young Túrin on his journey to Doriath.


Gethron and his friend Grithnir were young men during the time of Hador but by the time of Túrin's youth, he and Grithnir were now older but valiant. He like Grithnir knew the lands of the Beleriand well and was chosen by Morwen, Túrin's mother to safely escort and guide the young Túrin to the Elven King Thingol of Doriath. When the company arrived, Gethron spoke for Túrin the message of his mother recounting his lineage. When Thingol kindly received the youth with honour, Gethron and Grithnir remained a while as guardians but when Grithnir fell sick and soon died Gethron decided to return to Dor-lómin. He departed with escorts from the king and when he arrived home, he told Morwen of the boy's honourable welcoming and fostering by Thingol, and she was glad.[2][3]

Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ጘጥሮን ?
Arabic عيتهرون ?
Armenian Գետհրոն
Belarusian Гетhрон
Bulgarian Гетхрон
Dari عهتهرون
Georgian გეთრონი
Greek Γεθρον ?
Gujarati ઙેથ્રોન ?
Hebrew גיתהרון ?
Hindi ङेथ्रोन
Kazakh Гетһрон
Kyrgyz Гэтhрон
Macedonian Гетхрон
Marathi ङेथ्रोन
Mongolian Гетhрон
Nepali ङेथ्रोन ?
Pashto عېتهرون ?
Persian عهتهرون ?
Sanskrit ङेथ्रोन्
Serbian Гетхрон (Cyrillic) Gethron (Latinised)
Sinhala ගෙථ්‍රොන්
Tajik Гетҳрон
Tamil கெத்ஹ்ரொந் ?
Telugu ఙెథ్రొన ?
Tibetan གེཐྲོན
Tigrinya ጘጥሮን
Ukrainian Ґетгрон ?
Urdu عےتهرون ?
Uyghur غەتھرون
Uzbek Гетҳрон (Cyrillic) Gethron (Latinised)
Yiddish געטהראָן


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