Galathilion was a tree grown by the Vala Yavanna from a seed of Telperion, but unlike Telperion it did not give off any light. It stood in the open courtyard beneath the Tower of Ingwë in Tirion, in Valinor.

From this tree came Celeborn of Tol Eressëa, and from that came, much later, Nimloth of Númenor and the White Tree of Gondor.[1]

Etymology Edit

The name Galathilion means "White tree-moon". It had many other names including the White Tree, the Tree of Silver, the Tree of the High Elves, the Tree of Túna, and the Tree of Tirion.

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ጋላትሂሊኦን
Arabic حفلتهيليون
Armenian Գալաթիլիոն
Belarusian Cyrillic Галатіліон
Bengali গ্যালাথিলিন
Bulgarian Cyrillic Галатилион
Chinese 佳拉西理安
Georgian გალათელიონი
Greek Γαλαθιλιον
Gujarati ગેલાથિલિયન
Hebrew גלאטיליון
Hindi गलथिलिओन
Japanese ガラチリオン
Kannada ಗಲಥಿಲಿಯನ್
Kazakh Галатіліон (Cyrillic) Galatilion (Latin)
Korean 갈라실리온
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Галатилион
Macedonian Cyrillic Галатилион
Marathi गॅलाथिलियन
Mongolian Cyrillic Галатилион
Nepalese गलथिलिओन
Persian گالاتهیلون
Punjabi ਗਲਾਥਿਲਿਅਨ
Russian Галатилион
Sanskrit गलथिलिओन्
Serbian Галатилион (Cyrillic) Galatilion (Latin)
Sinhalese ගලතිලියන්
Tajik Cyrillic Галатистион
Tamil காலத்திலின்
Telugu గాలాథిలిన్
Ukrainian Cyrillic Галатліон
Yiddish גאַלאַטהיליאָן
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References Edit

  1. The Silmarillion, Akallabêth (The Downfall of Númenor)
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