Frogmorton as depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Frogmorton was a village located in the Eastfarthing region of The Shire.

It was located on the Great East Road between the Three Farthing Stone and Whitfurrows. Its best known feature was The Floating Log inn. A short distance to the north lay a place where The Water broke into two streams, and in the middle was a watery marsh-like place, which may have been responsible for Frogmorton's name "Frog Marsh".[1] Bilbo Baggins claims to have walked from Hobbiton to Frogmorton in The Hobbit.

History Edit

During the War of the Ring when Sharkey and his band of thugs took over The Shire, it was the base camp of the First Eastfarthing Troop company of Shirriffs who were responsible for arresting Frodo and Company when they returned to the Shire after the Quest of the Ring.[2]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Albanian Bretkocëmorton
Arabic الضفدع مورتون
Armenian գորտ
Afrikaans Paddamorton
Azerbaijani Qurbağa
Belarusian жабаmортон
Bulgarian ЖабаМортън
Catalan Granotamorton
Croatian Žabamorton
Czech Žabovřesky
Danish Frømorton
Dutch Puitenlee
Esperanto Ranomorton
Estonian Konnmorton
Filipino Palakamorton
Finnish Sammakkosuo
French La Grenouillère
Hausa Kwaɗomorton
Hebrew צפרדע מורטון
Icelandic Froskurmorton
Italian Chianarana
Japanese カエルモートン
Hindi मेंढक मॉर्टन
Hungarian Békásfenékan
Indonesian Katakmorton
Kannada ಫ್ರಾಗ್ ಮಾರ್ಟನ್
Kazakh бақаМортон
Korean 개구리모튼
Latin Ranamorton
Lithuanian Varlėmorton
Macedonian жабаМортон
Malay Katakmorton
Maltese Taż-żrinġijietmorton
Mongolian MэлхийМортон
Norwegian Froskmorton
Persian قورباغه مورتون
Polish Żabamorton
Portuguese Sapomorton
Punjabi ਡੱਡੂ ਮੋਰਟਨ
Romanian Broascămorton
Serbian Фрогмортон (Cyrillic)
Siamese (Thai) กบมอร์ตัน
Sinhala ගෙම්බාමෝටන්
Slovenian Řabamorton
Slovak Žabamorton
Spanish Ranamorton
Swedish Grodamorton
Tajik қурбоққаmортон
Tamil தவளை மோர்டன்
Telugu ఫ్రాగ్ మోర్టన్
Turkish Kurbağamorton ?
Urdu مینڈک مورٹن
Uzbek Baqamorton
Welsh BrogaMorton
Yiddish פראָגמאָרטאָן
Yoruba Ọpọlọ Morton ?

References Edit

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