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Freca (d. TA 2754) was a lord of Rohan who quarreled with King Helm Hammerhand, indirectly sparking a conflict between Rohan and the Dunlendings.


Freca ruled rich lands at either side of the river Adorn at the western border of Rohan. Though he claimed to be a descendant of King Fréawine of Rohan, some said that he also had significant Dunlendish ancestry, as his dark hair was characteristic of the Dunlendings. Freca constructed a stronghold at the source of the Adorn and heeded Helm's calls to council only at his pleasure, and the king came to distrust him.

Freca came to the king's council at Edoras in TA 2754 backed by a force of many men to propose a marriage between his son Wulf and Helm's daughter. In response, Helm mocked him and called him fat, and the enraged Freca threatened that the king could "fall to his knees" if he refused the offer. Helm made Freca wait until the council concluded, then marched him out of Edoras and struck him with such a blow that Freca was killed. Helm declared Wulf and Freca's near kin to be enemies of the king, and Freca's men fled to the west.[1]


In TA 2758, Wulf took revenge for his father's death, invading Rohan with a force of Dunlendings and enemies of Gondor while Helm was occupied with an invasion in Rohan's east. Though Wulf occupied Edoras, and Helm and his sons died in the conflict and the Long Winter, Helm's nephew Fréaláf ultimately killed Wulf and recaptured Edoras.[1]

The rift between Rohan and the Dunlendings remained open over two centuries later, when many Dunlengings sided with Saruman in the War of the Ring.


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