Forweg was an Edain of the House of Hador and the original leader of the outlaw company known as 'the Gaurwaith'.


Forweg was probably one of those that fled the Nirnaeth Arnoediad with others of the outlaw band like Algund and Andróg. He was a large man, bold but wise and generous at times - although how or why he became the leader of Gaurwaith is not known. He and his men once encountered Túrin after trailing him in the Woods of Brethil. He allowed Túrin to join them when he saw his strength and resolve. On day Forweg and Andróg had disappeared without Túrin's knowledge and others laughed when he asked about them, then weary of the outlaws squalid camp, Túrin wandered into the woods far from the camp. Suddenly, Túrin heard the cries of a woman being chased by men through a hazel-thicket. When her pursuer emerged from the thicket, Túrin struck him down killing him. When he looked down he saw that it was none other then Forweg, their leader. Hearing what the woman said about Forweg and Andróg, he discovered they had intended her harm and warned the others to leave her alone or face death despite their anger over the death of Forweg. Túrin then assumed leadership of the group.[1]


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