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The Fandom NOT allowed here is invented fan stories, their characters, their weapons, conjectured or false add ons to Tolkien's Mythology. Fan sites like Uruviel's Argonath can be listed and described here but nothing that is discussed, invented, created there if anything can put here. The purpose of such articles is to just inform and make people aware of them. Serious fan films like Born of Hope and The Hunt for Gollum are allowed because they are SERIOUSlY made attempts to fill in canon parts of the real story that no box office films have ever done or ever intend to do now or ever. This is the LINE between Fandom and non-canon. They stay, however those films do have their own invented stuff that they included to make the film's story like: Elgarain (not canon) or Tauriel, so they can be listed but as non-canon stuff. This is the way it is going to be. The decision IS made because finial decisions MUST be or the wiki stands in a chaotic garden run solely on peoples' feelings, whims, or spur of the moment opinions. However, people should still feel free to debate the matter but like I said sooner or later a final decision must be made and accepted.--DarkLantern 05:21, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

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