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Could Gandalf see the ringbearers?18:32, July 5, 201884.27.211.250
This Wikia, available in your ebook reader.15:12, May 29, 2018MrXyfir
Universal Conquest Invitation!23:41, February 10, 2018CNBA3
Help needed for language translations05:36, July 30, 2017DarkLantern
Project: Tolkien Gateway and Wikipedia copies removal16:33, November 1, 2016DarkLantern
Help with Elvish language :P05:44, August 11, 2016Pansy P.
Will Peter Jackson ever make The Silmarillion ?18:02, July 15, 2016HiddenVale
First age begining17:53, July 15, 2016HiddenVale
Help needed with the Noontide of Valinor10:48, March 25, 2016Au del Tro
Lego Battle of the Five Armies19:07, November 20, 2015Patricier21
The awakening of the Elves10:19, September 26, 2015Gringo300
A moderate length summary of The Silmarillion07:34, September 26, 2015Gringo300
Confusion on Directions in Return of the King07:16, September 26, 2015Gringo300
Holman Greenhand page issues01:51, September 15, 2015QuietHiker
Any more on Salmen (p. 40 of Silm., 1977); who is this? More info?05:47, August 28, 2015162.229.240.108
Movie vs Book Timeline Issues Solved12:41, July 12, 2015Prince of Erebor
Black arrows11:26, November 13, 2014Dnxz0015
The Rings13:06, October 27, 2014194.186.2.30
Ungoliant vs Melkor14:35, October 8, 2014183.90.118.193
Favorite Character?07:54, June 18, 2014220.237.24.237
Smeagol/Gollum aging...?07:52, June 18, 2014220.237.24.237
Allow editing for the semi-protected sights15:14, June 4, 2014DarkLantern
Will the hobbit there and back again be longer than AUJ and DOS19:07, April 24, 201487.102.91.126
Who is the real hero of LOTR?10:03, April 6, 2014Smoking.Chimp
Mapping Middle Earth on Earth22:00, January 4, 2014Thefairytaletraveler
Peter Jackson: Redo The Desolation of Smaug06:38, December 24, 2013- Darkchylde
The Books of Middle Earth03:56, December 22, 2013Ancalagon the Black
What will happen at the end of "Desolation of Smaug"?21:57, December 15, 2013Gradivus
Merge proposal from mordor.wikia.com19:23, December 11, 2013Rigel Kent
Mobile skin problems01:39, December 10, 2013Fandyllic
What Bilbo REALLY looks like21:19, November 14, 2013King Repeater (WG4575)
Reasons why someone wants to be an admin09:02, October 8, 2013Robin Patterson
Goblins. Should they be mixed with orcs or not?20:51, May 12, 2013108.81.229.35
Foreign language LOTR wikis16:45, April 20, 2013Thisismyrofl
Automated welcome23:06, February 6, 2013Lorde tyranus
Bmfe2 querry23:06, January 26, 2013173.3.111.25
How to add Templates00:23, January 20, 2013Robin Patterson
Infobox to user15:19, January 8, 2013Lorde tyranus
What were everyone else's opinions?00:45, December 22, 2012The Great Goblin
Does anyone have any insight towards any of this? and what were your opinions?23:41, December 21, 2012The Great Goblin
Hobbits in the 4th age08:28, July 22, 2012Wyvern Rex.
Gil Galad's Parentage05:35, July 4, 2012Timenyart
New lightbox for photos and videos23:51, May 30, 2012Sarah Manley
Project: Timeline Combining15:00, February 18, 2012NTPYTO
Project01:57, July 31, 2011VercingetorixJC
New Look 201000:47, March 25, 2011Scarecroe
Need for a separate "Help desk"01:24, January 16, 2011Robin Patterson
Display issues00:14, November 15, 2010Robin Patterson
Partnership with the Lord of the Rings Fanon Wiki23:27, November 2, 2010Manga Maniac
Halloween Project22:49, October 9, 2008Gamma Metroid
Fandom23:53, May 30, 2008Toughpigs
Subnames for People18:58, May 12, 2008KingAragorn
More info on less know people/ places of middle earth03:07, October 31, 2007Jacklespree
Non canon information19:29, September 8, 2007Sam Kay
Wiki Name13:08, May 20, 2007KingAragorn
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