Forodwaith was the name of both a region and the people who lived there.


The Sindarin name Forodwaith translates loosely as Northern Waste, and was a name for the land north of the Iron Mountains of the First Age. Little was known of it, except that it was an area of immense cold due to the proximity to the Gap of Ilmen, and Morgoth's evil cold. After the War of Wrath and the breaking of the World, the Iron Mountains were mostly destroyed, and the area of Forodwaith that lay north of Eriador became known as Forochel, together with the great icebay and cape that carried the same name.

The Men of Forodwaith were a strange folk apparently unrelated to the Edain. During the Third Age, they were known as the Snowmen of Forochel or Lossoth. In Unfinished Tales, it was stated that they could glide on ice by tying bones to their feet. Arvedui, last King of Arthedain, fled to the Icebay of Forochel after his realm was destroyed by Angmar, and the Lossoth helped him survive the winter. Against their advice he took ship to sail south, and he was drowned in the icebay, together with the Palantíri of the North.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ፎሮድዋኢጥ
Arabic فورودوايته
Armenian Ֆորոդվայթ
Belarusian Cyrillic Фородўаіт
Bengali ফরদ্বয়থ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Фородуаит
Chinese (Hong Kong) 佛洛威治
Greek Φορόντγουαϊθ
Gujarati ફોરોડવિથ
Hebrew פורודוואית
Hindi फ़ोरोद्व्ऐथ
Japanese フォロドワイス
Kannada ಫೊರೊಡ್ವೈತ್
Kazakh Фородуаіт (Cyrillic) Forodwait (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Фородwаит
Macedonian Cyrillic Фородwаит
Marathi फोर्ववेथ
Mongolian Cyrillic Фородүаитh ?
Nepalese फ़ोरोद्व्ऐथ
Persian فورودوایته ?
Punjabi ਫੋਰਡਵਾਇਥ
Russian Фородвайт
Serbian Фородваитх (Cyrillic) Forodwaith (Latin)
Sinhalese ෆොරොඩ්වයිත්
Tajik Cyrillic Фородwаит
Tamil போராடவைத்த
Telugu ఫోరోద్వైత్
Ukrainian Cyrillic Фородwаіт
Urdu فوروڈویتہ
Uzbek Фородwаитҳ (Cyrillic) Forodwaith (Latin)
Yiddish פאָראָדוואַיטה


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