Forlong, also known as Forlong the Fat and Forlong the Old, was a Man of Gondor from the province of Lossarnach, south of the White Mountains.


Forlong was the Lord of the lands of Lossarnach, and was famed for his enormous girth (hence the name 'Forlong the Fat'). Though he was well aged by the time of the War of the Ring, he came to the aid of Minas Tirith with two hundred of his men.[1] He was unhorsed and killed by axes at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and buried before the gate alongside Hirluin as was told in the Song of the Mounds of Mundburg.[2]

Portrayal in adaptations


In The Lord of the Rings Online, ruling from the town of Arnach near Imloth Melui, Forlong is the husband of Vanyalos, the sister of Steward Denethor. He was originally promised to his other sister, Terenis, but after laying his eyes upon Vanyalos he asked the Steward for her heart instead and Denethor granted him his wish. This caused a lifelong strife between the sisters, with Terenis never getting over the broken promise. During his youth Forlong fought in the Siege of Umbar alongside Hirluin and Thorongil and gained a great deal of respect for the latter. Forlong is first found in Minas Tirith before the battle in the "Merry Swan" tavern on the third level of the city, reminiscing on their youth with his friends Hirluin and Neldir. Later, both Forlong and Hilruin fight in the defence of the White City on the walls of the First Cicle. After the Rohirrim army arrives, both of them rush outside the city gates and faces their foes together before Hirluin is slain in view of his friend. Forlong himself is gravely wounded and after the battle is over is found by the player on the field. He shares that he saw the visage of Thorongil on the field of battle but believes itto be his dying fever until Aragorn comes to his side. Amazed to see the man from the days of his youth untouched by years, Forlong departs in peace.


Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Mainland) 佛朗
Chinese (Hong Kong) 佛龍
Greek Φόρλονγκ
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