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The Fords of Isen were located along the river Isen, and guarded by the Rohirrim in the Third Age. The Fords were notable as the only crossing of the Isen into Rohan, until Saruman built a bridge upstream close to Isengard.

The fords were located at the mid-point of the Gap of Rohan and formed the border of the kingdom.[1] The Great West Road crossed the Isen at this point. The fords had an eyot in the middle, which was fortified by the Rohirrim.


It was here that the Nazgûl were said to have crossed the river Isen on Midsummer's Eve by Saruman to Gandalf upon his visit to Orthanc. The Fords of Isen had two battles in the War of the Ring that were fought between Orcs and the Rohirrim. It was at these fords that Théodred was killed during the First Battle of the Fords of Isen. He was buried in a mound on the eyot where he fell. It was near the Fords of Isen that the Rohirrim met with the Grey Company.

Portrayal in adaptations

In The Lord of the Rings Online two different versions of the Fords exist in the game. When approached from the direction of Dunland in the west, the Fords are held by the Rohirrim forces led by Grimbold in anticipation of the First Battle of the Fords of Isen, in which the player participates. When approached from the direction of Westfold in the east, the Fords are in the aftermath of the Second Battle of the Fords of Isen, with all Rohirrim defenders scattered or slain and Dunlending looters searching the bodies of the fallen.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Driwwe van die Isen
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾辛河渡口
Esperanto Vadejoj de la Isen
Finnish Rautkymin kahlaamot
French Gués de l’Isen
Georgian აისენის ფონები
Hebrew מעברות האייזן
Hungarian Vasudvard Gázlója
Italian Guadi dell'Isen
Norwegian Jarnavad
Portuguese Vaus do Isen (Brazil)
Spanish Vados de Isen
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