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"Skinbark lived on the mountain-slopes west of Isengard. That is where the worst trouble has been. He was wounded by the Orcs, and many of his folk and his tree-herds have been murdered and destroyed. He has gone up into the high places, among the birches that he loves best, and he will not come down."

Fladrif, also known as Skinbark, was an ent of Fangorn Forest, and was one of the first Ents in Middle-earth. By the end of the Third Age, only he, Leaflock, and Treebeard remained of the original Ents.[1]

Skinbark lived on the mountain slopes west of Isengard. Saruman's Orcs ravaged this area, cutting down trees and killing Ents. Skinbark was wounded by the orcs and retreated far up the mountain slopes to live among the birches that he favored, refusing to come down.[1]

Portrayal in adaptations

Skinbark appears in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers along with many other ents of Fangorn Forest. Unlike the book, he is shown to participate in the Entmoot called by Treebeard, and later in the Destruction of Isengard, where he is seen crushing dozens of orcs by rolling a boulder.


Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese 佛拉瑞夫 (Fladrif)
Danish Fladrif (Barkhud)
Finnish Fladrif a.k.a. Karppunahka
German Fladrif a.k.a. Borkenhaut
Hebrew פלאדריף
Italian Fladrif a.k.a. Scorzapelle
Norwegian Fladrif a.k.a. Skinnbark
Fladrif a.k.a. Lærbark
Russian Фладриф (Fladrif)

Кожествол (Skinbark)

Ukrainian Cyrillic Фладриф (Fladrif)

Шкіростовбур (Skinbark)

Beechbone | Bregalad (Quickbeam) | Fangorn (Treebeard) | Fimbrethil (Wandlimb) | Finglas (Leaflock) | Fladrif (Skinbark)


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