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The War of the Great Jewels

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The First Battle of Beleriand was the first major battle of the War of the Great Jewels, fought mainly by the Sindar against the forces of the Dark Lord Morgoth.



While the Ñoldor were still struggling in Aman, Morgoth had already arrived in Middle-earth well ahead of them, and quickly reoccupied his old fortress of Angband, where Sauron and Gothmog had long been breeding Orcs in the darkness. Morgoth desired still to conquer and dominate the peoples of Middle-earth, and so sent forth his armies hoping to seize the territories to his south. Morgoth's forces issued forth in two main hosts, passing west through the vale of Sirion and east between Aros and Gelion, some of them even scaling the passes of Anach and Aglon.

The battle

Well-armed, having defended Beleriand from the evil and savage things of the north, King Thingol was prepared for war but faced multiple setbacks. The western Orc host ravaged and plundered much in West Beleriand. Lord Círdan of the Havens of the Falas came out to meet them, but was defeated and forced to retreat into the walled cities of Eglarest and Brithombar, which were then besieged. Thus, the forces of Thingol were cut off from their Elven allies in the west.

Detachments of both Orc hosts entered the domain of Thingol, his forces fought and held them at bay but his main focus was on the bulk of the eastern Orc host fighting his hard-pressed ally, King Denethor of the Laiquendi. Denethor, who answered Thingol's call for aid attacked the Orcs but he and his people were lightly armed and were no match for the arms of their foes. Eventually, he and his forces were pushed back onto Amon Ereb where they were cut-off and surrounded. Here, Denethor and his lightly armed company made their last stand against a sea of foes and he was slain before Thingol could rescue him. When Thingol's forces arrived, the Orcs stood no chance and were utterly defeated. Those Orcs that did escape death scattered east but were slain by the Dwarves of Mount Dolmed. The battle was over and the armies of Thingol stood victorious over Morgoth's forces in East Beleriand.

This was the only battle against the Dark Lord in which the Sindar took an active role.[1][2]


Thought battle was held to be over, the cities of the Havens remained under siege by the forces of the Western Orc host. After learning of this, Thingol summoned all the Sindar that wished to live in peace to the lands within the forests of Region and Neldoreth. Melian then set forth her powers and afterwards the lands of Thingol became a closed realm and was put under protection by the magical barrier Girdle of Melian, which were ever after known as Doriath. As no aid came from Thingol, Lord Círdan and his people had to hold out against his attackers alone. The Havens were only freed when the Orcs withdrew northeast to fight the Ñoldor under Fëanor.

After the death of their king and the heavy losses they took during battle, the Laiquendi returned to the forests of Ossiriand. There they pledged to live in secrecy forsaking war and distrusting outsiders. They never again named a king. Many Laiquendi went north entering the land of Doriath and were forever merged with his people.[1][2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Eerste Slag van Beleriand
Albanian Beteja e parë e Beleriand
Amharic የመጀመሪያው ቤልሪየን ውዝግብ
Arabic الأولى معركة بيليرياند
Armenian Առաջին Բելերիանդ ճակատամարտ
Azerbaijani Birinci Beleriand döyüşü
Basque Beleriandeko lehen bataila
Belarusian Cyrillic Першая бітва Белерианда
Bengali বেলেরিয়েন্ডের প্রথম যুদ্ধ
Bosnian Prva bitka od Belerianda
Breton Kentañ emgann Beleriand
Bulgarian Cyrillic Първа битка при Белерианд
Catalan Primera Batalla de Beleriand
Cebuano Unang Gubat sa Beleriand
Chinese 第一次贝尔兰会战
Croatian Prva bitka od Belerianda
Czech První bitva o Beleriand
Danish Det Første Slag i Beleriand
Dutch Eerste Slag van Beleriand
Esperanto Unua Batalo de Beleriand
Estonian Beleriandi esimene lahing
Fijian Imatai Ivalu ni Beleriand
Filipino Unang Labanan ng Beleriand
Finnish Beleriandin ensimmäinen taistelu
French Première bataille de Beleriand
Frisian Earste Slach fan Beleriand
Galician Primeira Batalla de Beleriand
Georgian ბელერიანდის პირველი ბრძოლა
German Erste Schlacht von Beleriand
Greek Πρώτη Μάχη του Βελεριανδ
Gujarati બેલેરીઆન્ડની પ્રથમ યુદ્ધ
Haitian Creole Premye batay nan Beleriand
Hebrew ה קרב הראשון של בלריאנד
Hindi बेलेरिअन्द की पहली लड़ाई
Hungarian Első Beleriand-i csata
Icelandic Fyrsta orrustan af Beleriand
Igbo Agha mbụ nke Beleriand
Indonesian Pertempuran pertama Beleriand
Irish Gaelic An Chéad Cath Beleriand
Italian Prima Battaglia del Beleriand
Japanese 原書の最初の戦い
Javanese Peperangan pisanan saka Beleriand
Kannada ಬೆಲೆರಿಯಂಡ್ನ ಮೊದಲ ಕದನ
Kazakh Белеріандин Бірінші шайқас (Cyrillic) Beleriandïn Birinşi şayqas (Latin)
Korean 제1차 벨레리안드 전투 ?
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Алгачкы бэлэрианд боюнча согуш
Latin Primo Proel ex Beleriandi
Latvian Pirmais Beleriandas kauja
Lithuanian Pirmasis mūšis Beleriando
Luxembourgish ֹÉischten Schluecht vu Beleriand
Macedonian Cyrillic Прва битка кај Белерианд
Malagasy Ny ady voalohany nataon'i Beleriand
Malaysian Pertempuran Pertama Beleriand
Maltese Ewwel Battalja ta 'Beleriand
Marathi बेलेरिअँडची पहिली लढाई
Mongolian Cyrillic Бэлэрианд-ийн анхны тулаан
Nepalese बेलेरियाको पहिलो युद्ध
Norwegian Det Første slaget i Beleriand
Occitan Premiera batalha d'Beleriand
Pashto لومړی جګړه بېلېریاند
Persian نبرد اول بلریاند
Polish Pierwsza bitwa o Beleriand
Portuguese Primeira batalha de Beleriand
Punjabi ਬੈਲੇਰੀਂਡ ਦੀ ਪਹਿਲੀ ਲੜਾਈ
Romanian Prima bătălie de la Beleriand
Russian Первая битва за Белерианд
Samoan Muamua Taua o Beleriand
Scottish Gaelic Ciad Blàr de Beleriand
Serbian ֿПрва битка за Белерианд (Cyrillic) Prva bitka za Beleriand (Latin)
Sesotho Ntoa ea pele ea Beleriand
Sinhalese බෙලෙරිඅඳ් පළමු සටන ?
Slovak Prvá bitka z Beleriande
Slovenian Prva bitka pri Beleriandu
Somalian Dagaalkii ugu horreeyay ee Beleriand
Spanish Primera batalla de Beleriand
Swahili Kwanza vita ya Beleriand
Swedish Första slaget om Beleriand
Tahitian Te Tamai Matamua o te Beleriand
Tajik Cyrillic Аввалин ҷанги Белерианд
Tamil முதலாம் பெலேரியாண்ட சண்டை
Telugu బేలేరియాను మొదటి యుద్ధం
Thai การรบครั้งแรกของเบเลริอันด์
Tongan Fuofua feinga tau 'o e Beleriand
Turkish Beleriand'in İlk Savaşı
Ukrainian Cyrillic Перша битва за Белеріанд
Uzbek Белерианднинг Биринчи уруши (Cyrillic) Beleriandning Birinchi urushi (Latin)
Vietnamese Trận thứ nhất Beleriand
Welsh Brwydr gyntaf Beleriand
Xhosa Imfazwe yokuqala yaseBeleriand
Yiddish ערשטער שלאַכט פון בעלעריאַנד
Yoruba Ogun akọkọ ti Beleriand

First BattleDagor-nuin-GiliathDagor AglarebSiege of AngbandDagor BragollachNírnaeth ArnoediadWar of Wrath


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